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Jan 18, 2009
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I found this rocket on ebay, its by a company called mad science, and they produce science toys/activities. they only have one rocket in their range.
It is a very basic rocket, very suitable for a first build for a young rocketeer.

trf mad 1.JPG

trf m part.JPG
parts are;

4 plastic fins
engine mount
engine hok
engine mount tube
body tube - silver
engine block (missing!)
adapter ring
sticker sheet
shock cord mounts
nose cone
fin tube
shock cord protector sleeve

the nose cone comes apart, and acts like a scal payload section, it is also rubber tipped.

the body tube is silver coloured but had deep spirrals in it.
the motor mount is pretty standard.

engine hook is attached to the engine mount tube, which has a pre cut slot in it.
the adapter rind is glued over the tube, and the whole lot is then glued into the plastic engine mount.
the four plastic fines slip easily onto the mount.

trf mad base.JPG
the body tube is glued over the adaptor ring.

(i would usuallyadd a kevlar cord to the rocket, but decided to build it stock - i will not ber flying this one much)

a middle fin section is then slide over the body tube, this section has the launch lugs built in.

shock cord is added, via the tri fold anchor method, and the nose cone is then attached - i added a swivel to the shock cord.

trf mad comp.JPG
stickers are then added.
there are lots, with many different finishes, a nice touch for a young rocketeer.
that's it, takes about 10 minutes to build, will fly this weekend - hopefully

trf mad sticker.jpg
flew her 4 times today

on an A8-3 she's okay, not too high, ejection after apogee
On a B she's better, staight flights on both occasions, opens at apogee.
on a C she rips, only flew once and she arched over and landed in the middle of a wood - missing every tree on the way down.

the parachute supplied gives a good decent rate.

A B6-4 gives the best flight
My son built one of these in his school yesterday. For the finale of the elementary after-school science program, they had the kids build these rockets which was really neat. I wish they had the time to have a launch though. I'm sure they would have loved to see them fly. I have a few A8s and B6s that my son and I could send this up on one of these days as weather permits.

I suppose that depends on the 6 yr old and how much supervision there is. The complexity seems on par with an Estes E2X kit.