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Oct 9, 2003
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Flew a scratch design today that I've taken to calling Bubba. It had another name once, but that seems to have been submerged in favor of "Bubba." I wanted a biggish 2-engine cluster to eat C6-3's from those Blast-off flight packs. Bubba emerged from playing around in Rocksim.

That's a Deuce's Wild nose cone. Main tube is BT-70 with an ASP balsa 60/70 transition. The motor mount is a FlisKits 2 engine in BT-70 cluster mount (EMK2-18-70). Flew great. Exactly what I was hoping for.
Also flew my Illini-deuce (sporting the Orange and Blue of the Alma Mater) and my boy flew his Corona. Both great flyers. Here they are on the pad...managed to catch someone else's rocket lifting off.
I've posted a full res version of the Bubba liftoff pic on my website. Note that the file is over 1 MB, but is much better than the low res version posted above.
Nice pictures. It looked like a beautiful day to go fly rockets.

The "Bubba" looks great. The second (larger) photo really shows it off. From the first pic I didn't realize there was a tube transition in there. (now that I look at your 1st post you do describe it) I like it....you've got a winner there.

Thanks. Bubba's definitely a keeper. Real nice flyer. I'm starting to think about variations on the Bubba theme. A 3-18mm cluster is straightforward. 24mm cluster Bubbas might need a little more fin area.