BT-56 -- where can I get them?

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Rick James

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Aug 31, 2004
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Does anyone know of a good source for BT-56 body tubes? Estes doesn't seem to sell them.

Along with that would be centering rings for BT20-to-BT56, and BT50-to-BT56

Red Arrow Hobbies has all that stuff!

I know...I just ordered a bunch!:D

The BT-56 to BT-20 centering ring may be a problem. Red Arrow may have them but I know he has the BT-56 to BT-50 rings.

Actually I think he may be able to make them for you!

He does have a Ebay store but he's not to computer savy. (Not like me!)

Call him at 269-429-8233

Semroc has 'em too.

Slide down and they are the series 13 (1.34" O.D.) tubes.
I bought one from BRS Hobbies on eBay, who is bswan72 here on TRF. I'm sure there are other places, but that's who I used. I combined shipping on that item with 4 other purchases, since Brian ships by priority mail and charges $3.80 or so per shipment. The tube itself only cost like $1.09 for an 18" BT-56.

Also, the tube was damaged in shipment, and Brian replaced it free of charge, which was great!

Here's his store on eBay:
I found the thread after doing a search.

The main tubes I use should be equivalent to BT-56 ( they have been errors in published catalohues, so be careful)

The vendors mentioned will be more than happy to supply them.