BT-50 Estes Starliner templates/decals made from PowerPoint!!!

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Jan 18, 2009
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Howdy folks.
I've been tinkering around with Microsoft PowerPoint trying to recreate decals by totally redrawing them. It's been working out pretty well.

Here's a tempate and decal set for a BT-50 version of the Estes Starliner.

Let me know what you guys think. I've got a few other things I've been working on as well.



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Treeb it s a great idea keep them coming :)
Ok, here's something else I've been working on. It was inspired by Apogee's newsletter that talked about how to make angle cut templates for body tubes. I decided to put on my PowerPoint Ranger Badge and see if I could come up with an easy PP here it is!!!

I'll take any feedback...

If you need further clarification on the process, feel free to ask!



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...thought you guys may want to see some build pics of the Starliner. The templates worked out great!

Starliner 001.jpg

Starliner 004.jpg

Starliner 005.jpg

Starliner 008.jpg

Starliner 009.jpg
Look closely... One of the beauties of creating your own decals is being able to make your kids (and your dog) passengers on an Estes Starliner with your son in the cockpit flying the dang thing!

Ok, so how did I become a BAR? My oldest daughter and I were walking through WalMart about 2 years ago. We were in the toy aisle and she saw a rocket starter set. She said (I'm not lying), "Cool dad! Can we get a rocket?" With a surprised look on my face, I said,"Well, yes we can!" I had a fun time later that day explaining to my wife that it was my daughter who wanted the rocket and that she needed one of every rocket set WalMart had. Good thing I have a son now. All the clone rockets would look strange hanging from the ceiling in the girls' room!

Oh, I'm attaching a fixed copy of the decals/templates. I realized I was missing the aileron decals for the wings on the original file. I fixed a few other minor things as well.



Starliner 011.jpg

Starliner 012.jpg

Starliner 013.jpg

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