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Not very good news..This was posted awhile ago over on RP..No further updates since then..All we can do is wait, hope and pray..
Ouch. I hope he's doing alright by this time.
Ouch. I hope he's doing alright by this time.

Well I just say he's not, BSD will be back , but the re-opening has been delay some more.

I will update as I know more. Thanks

Pass Scott our best wishes. Hope things turn around for him.

Sure will, but evertime I do it seems to get another bad streak, I just really feel bad for Scott, kinda like going thru a sausage grinder (twice)

I myself have not heard from him in over a month and a little worried, living in Augusta now really makes it hard to help him much. I do plan a trip to Las Vegas soon.
Any body heard from Scott? I d not know him personally, but his kits are awesome. I hope he is doing ok.