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Dec 5, 2003
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Can anyone post pictures of the individual sections of an Intrepid? Do you have to use an altimeter, or can you use motor ejection with it?
Thanks for the contact, Johnnie. His prices for kits are the best I've seen. I wish I would have waited before ordering mine :(

RFVB, Thanks for the pictures - looks great! I still couldn't quite tell if it's possible to use motor ejection when using the 38mm or 29mm section as a single stage.
After reviewing the page I sent you to I realized it didn't cover much of how the altimeter bay was put together. With the timer in the fin can I was able to leave the airframe unobstructed. I alsways use motor ejection for a back up of my altimeter. I can't remember if the Intrepid comes with an altimeter bay set up because I usually scratch build one into every rocket. Look at my Der Big Red Max and my Horizon page on how I set up altimeters.

To answer your question...Yes, you can use motor ejection in the Intrepid.

P.S. I added some more flight pictures to the Intrepid page