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Sky Pyrate...
Jan 24, 2009
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Well this evening I got a Picture mail from Scott, was overly happy to hear from Scott( been over 1 month.)

scroll down to the text and say a few choice words,then saw the picture
Scott's hand with a missing finger wrapped in bandaids. This is a horror, I knew his options were running out and he was disappointed with the last years rollicoaster ride.
I will have to call him tomorrow ( if he answers ), but can quess what I'll hear.

Sooner or later he'll jump back to his feet and launch a few, I'll throw up a couple for him myself at Freedom Launch.

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That is a real bummer! :( I too wish things go better for him..I will join you, Don, in launching up my BSD Thor for Scott come Freedom Launch! We can do a 'Here is for a speedy recovery for Scott Drag Race!' ;)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I have a 4 inch Thor to build. I may build a 6 or 8 inch upscale in his honor.
I take it the infection just got worse after the original injury? sorry to hear that. Hear's to hoping things get better and quickly.
Hopefully this enables Scott to move forward with a rapid recovery.

It's never the ideal to lose a digit, but sometimes it's better than one that is unusable and just gets in the way.

Just attempted to check the BSD website--got the web hosting service--not a very good sign.
A New host is under construction, much more, for much less.
unlimited everything for cheap, cheap.
A New host is under construction, much more, for much less.
unlimited everything for cheap, cheap.

Beware of "unlimited everything," as in reality it means "we'll shut you off if you actually try to use anything." TRF 2.0 went down for a period of time, because it was hosted on an "unlimited everything" site -- the traffic wasn't that great, but they complained that it was "impacting other sites".

The Internet is full of negative experiences with those kinds of providers.

Hopefully that won't be an issue, as I'm looking forward to Scott getting BSD up and running again, and I'd like to see him be successful.

I would agree with that. I have thought about scratch building a Thor. Maybe I will wait.
BSD is currently redirecting to BlastZone. I have a feeling Scott will be in good hands with Greg. ;)

Ah, yep! Greg is good people. I've had the pleasure of working with him before, and Greg will treat him well.

WOW! Nice prices for hosting at BlastZone! Hope he goes with the 'virtual server'..The dedicated IP address is worth it alone!