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Aug 3, 2019
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Northern Rivers, Australia
Finally! Brocket kits go on sale at midnight tonight on Ebay, but a little earlier and cheaper for my TRF compatriots.

What is a Brocket? Well, check out the Beta Build thread that lead to a limited edition of ten kits being manufactured:

Plan packs will still go ahead in the new year.

Ebay price is $45 AUD (+P&P), but I'll sell to TRF Members for $38, and you get 12 hours jump on the Ebay listing. Postage in Oz is $9.95 AUD and to the USA $19.95 AUD.

Strict limit of one kit per customer. Contact me via email [email protected] , give me your TRF handle and I'll allocate a kit and send you a Paypal invoice.

Anything still available at midnight gets sold on Ebay!

Brocket crop.png g1885.png IMG_1922.JPG IMG_1923.JPG IMG_1924.JPG IMG_1925.JPG IMG_1926.JPG
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