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May 25, 2004
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Hi folks,
I want to gather up the parts needed to clone the Broadsword. All I know I need as of right now is two BT-80 tubes. Other than that I'm more or less clueless. By the way, I have looked at JimZ's site...but it doesn't show the part numbers.
Thanks for all the help!
Nose-cone: don't know off-hand, it's the same as the Fat Boy's.
Engine mount: BT-50
Engine hook: the original was sized for the ill-fated E15 motor. You can either use a regular size hook, in which case you won't need the spacer; or use a hook for the E9.
Launch lugs: one each of 5mm and 6mm. Use whichever fits your launch rod.
Spacer tube, retainer tube: no idea.
Engine block, and if necessary engine spacer: cut suitable lengths off a used D12 or E9 casing.

I bought one of these kits, then used it as parts for my Boosted Dart. :)
If you open the file in the plans that has the picture of the ruler and calipers you'll get a lsiting of parts with sizes and dimensions.
Oh, forgot to mention. I like your booster dart Adrian...pretty cool! :) Now you need a dartboard to aim at :p
There is a guy in our club who loves the Broadsword and flew it recently on a cluster of 4 E-9's. I wasn't there but it was a successful flight.

Among the other kits I have in progress is a clone of the Super Big Bertha which is basically the same thing.

I really like the decals and paint sceme of the Broadsword though.

Len Bryan