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May 10, 2011
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Im thinking of getting a new airgun. I am torn between a high-velocity break-barrel (1000 FPS) and a semi-automatic 12-shot.....

I want something good.... I want something big (I like big... Big rockets, big guns, big everything... ;) ).... And I want something thats under $125... And something with a 3/8" Dovetail scope mount for my 4X crosman scope... I like Crosman guns, too....

So heres my two fauvorites so far:

Crosman model 1077 semi-automatic, 12 shot rotary clip.

Crosman Quest 1000 break-barrel

I like both, but I am torn between power sources.... I like the idea of CO2 because I dont have to pump it each time, and I can blow the living daylights out of the piece of carboard I am shooting in a very short amount of time... But I like the break-barrel becaues I would never have to buy CO2, which I hear can be very expensive over time.

I am leaning towards the Quest 1000, but the 1077 still hasnt lost all its apeal...

So I was wondering.... Which would YOU reccomend? I have never used a break-barrel air gun before.... How do they work? Do you only have to pump them once? Is it very hard to pump? The ability to shoot 1000 FPS is extremely apealing.... But a semi-automatic is equally apealing.... I cant afford both.... And then there is the Airsource version of the semi-automatic..... It says you can get 400 consecutive accurate shots with one tank.... Now I am leaning towards the semi-automatic again... My mind is saying "why do you need to shoot a BB at nearly the speed of sound!?".... And the 1077 is cheaper....

ACK! I cant decide....

Will you please help me decide!? :(

Thats what you said about the Red Ryder, and the Airmaster 660.... :D I still have both eyes! :D
But.... Which would would shoot my eye out faster, the semi-automatic or the break-barrel? :D :D ;) :p

Do you want to loose your eyes at around the same time, or pump in between shooting each one out? :D

Well, with the break-barrel, I figure if I shoot one straight up, and then shoot another at a rock, they will bounce back and take both out at the same time...

:D ;)
Neil, First of all of course you'll shoot you'r eye out.
Second, them C02 cartridges cost money and there are things like needles and gaskets to replace over time wich adds to cost if you shoot a lot.
Third, pump guns can achieve higher pressure's (you know about that being a rocketeer) and require minimal maintenance.
If you want to shoot fast and don't care so much about power or cost then a C02 gun is it. If you want an airbanger that will get you threw the apocalypse at a slow but steady pace with just a little can of oil and some pellets or BB's then a pump gun is the ticket. The abillity to use a scope that you allready have should be considered only if you want high power. I'm not familiar with the Crossman Quest but in general break barrells are single pump and in a rifle at least are higher pressure than a C02 gun.
The only C02 guns I own are both pistols. Both are Crossman, one is a target pistol and the other is a semi-automatic. I love the target pistol even though I have to buy those **** C02 cartrides when I want to shoot it. I could care less about the semi-automatic, I shoot my tiny but high powered single pump chineese target rifle more often than the semi.
So now I am back to liking the break-barrel.... :rolleyes:

How hard are those things to pump?

Less money is good... I never have much money, and I dont want to blow it all on airgun maitenance....

My son bought a Crosman 664GT...

It's turned out to be a great gun for the price... I think we got it at W-Mart for about $60 bucks...

with practice he's gotten to be "sharp shooter" material... but right out of the box he was nailing stuff at 30 to 50 feet...
That looks exactly like the one I have!

Same sight and everything!
Neil check this out...

Droz Pistol

It's a bit more than you want to spend but if you save a little longer you'll have something unique, possibly collectible in the futore when your old and were all dead and is a really sweet item right now.
Thats.... Um... Interesting.... What is it?:confused: :D ;)

I prefer the Quest.... I can get it for $75 at D&L sports.... :D
It really depends how much you want to spend and what you want to do with it. I have a 1000fps .177 cal RWS. It shoots one ragged hole all day long at 35 feet (official match distance) as long as I do my job. It is pellet only though and you have to have a good backstop though because it will go through a 2-inch phonebook. It is the break barrel type and they engineer them to make it relatively easy to cock. Check out some of their models here.

The nice thing about RWS is they are adult airguns and will last a lifetime if you take care of it. I have had mine about 15 years.
That might very well come in handy for you. Especially if you ever have a rocket land in a tree where you can't reach it.:D

If it landed on power lines, I'd think twice about it before shooting.;)
Originally posted by Neil
Thats.... Um... Interesting.... What is it?:confused: :D ;)
Good question, I'm not quite sure. The burst modes sound cool though.
very true... It does look... Interesting. :D

2" phone book??? COOL! THAT I have to try.... :D Imagine what the pellet would look like if you recovered it.... :cool:

Dont worry, its a good quarter-mile through dense woods to the nearest neighbor.... Shoot it in any direction besides right back at our house, and it will blast a hole in a tree before it makes it 300'.

Plus, we shoot into haybails, and that really slows em down, or stops them all together.

1000 fps.... Thats about 125 FPS slower than the speed of sound..... :cool:

Do they make anything faster? :D :D ;) ;) (j/k)
lol...why yes they do:D :D

RWS 350 Magnum
.177 caliber
.22 caliber

The RWS Diana 350 Magnum gives Magnum-plus power! The Model 350 produces a velocity of 1250 fps. Combining the sleek design and break barrel ease of handling, the 350 moves airgun shooting to another level. Features: walnut stained hardwood stock, raised cheek piece, checkered pistol grip, recoil pad, adjustable trigger, interchangeable sight inserts, total length 48", barrel length 19.5", 8 lbs.

...oh and they forgot to add "it will drain your bank account at about the same velocity";) ;) :D
Just a touch out of my price range.... ;)

1250 FPS is well over the speed of sound.... Does it make a pop every time you shoot it? :cool:;) :p
Except for being off color, side by side the pistols would look almost relative to one another ;)


I have shot a rocket out of a tall oak tree with a bb rifle...I attribute that to a lucky shot though.
Pick up a Beeman R9 in 20 cal. I have put thousands of rounds through mine.......I have had Gammo, RSW, and other but nothing can match it.
The R9 is VERY pretty... But the retail price... Is... Well... More expensive than a baby M.... :rolleyes: $450 is a tad out of my price range... :rolleyes:

Lots of interesting advice. The R9 is nice ; but you pay a big premium for .20 cal pellets. If you shoot a lot ; .177 will cost you less.

Don't get hung up on the 1000 fps. Most guns that claim it ; don't make it. The velocity claims usually are done with a 6.5 - 7 grain pellet that is wothless for most uses. You'll find that when an 8 gr pellet is used ; most do about 850 fps.

Another gun you might consider is the RWS 94. Lot of folks seem to like it and it turns up some good velocities in both calibers.


I found this on my hard drive... I had considered this one awhile back...
wow that thing is cool

rocket is still cooler though, In a race, a rocket could beat the bullet
Actually I find that pretty hard to believe... Well, a minimum diameter rocket maybe, but with anything else...

I like shooting BBs and pellets... I dont really want anything bigger for a little while... Maybe a .22, but not a .20 or something exotic like that. .177 is enough for me...

850 still aint too bad, for one pump. My Pnunamic (or wahtever its called) pump rifle drives me nuts... I have to pump the thing 10 times to get about 600 FPS... :( It annoys me greatly, I hate pumping it over and over again, then loading a pellet, and all that. A break barrel sounds much easier...

Pump the barrel, insert the pellet, shoot, and repeat. :D

Sure beats pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, cock, insert pellet, shoot, and repeat. :rolleyes:

That gun in the picture sure looks expensive... :rolleyes:
I have a Daisey PowerLine 856 rifle that came with a scope, but I currently don't have it attached. I am a pretty good shot with it through its stock sites.
The instructions say not to pump it more the 10 times... I routinely do it more then that ;). I prefer the pointed pellets in this bad boy.

I also have a Crossman 1008 RepeatAIR .177 pellet gun, modeled after the 1911 Colt 45. CO2 powered. 8 rounds in a revoling wheel. It is an ok pistol... rounds seem to favor the right though.

I am looking to get myself a nice .22 rimfire rifle... something with a scope :)