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Jan 28, 2009
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Glen Burnie MD
My wife won a Brand X, 4 grain 29mm reloadable set at RG VII this weekend. Awsome workmanship. I've been trying to help her get ready for a L1 Cert (in particular working with reloads of the midpower class in preperation for a 38mm I161) but my personal experience is with Aerotech and their licenced products so I'm a little in the dark with these. I didn't see anything on the Tru-Core website or the archives with regard to grains for the 24mm or the 29mm reloadables Though they did mention the AT delay grains. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these or knows whose grains are compatable. Looks like Loki but I'm noy sure.
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Ed (TrueCore/BrandX) makes great motor cases and propellant casting tools. However, they are primarily intended for EX use, and there are no certified commercially available loads for them. Loki does not currently sell any 29mm reloads anyway.

There are lots of folks at MDRA that do EX, so ask around at the next launch ...