Brand New L2!

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Jan 17, 2009
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SW Michigan
Whheeeee!!!! L2 today!!!! YYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Boy that feels good to get that done. I managed to get it at MMAR's launch site just outside of Muskegon, MI at their waste water treatment facility. My first L2 attempt lawn-darted at NSL so today I was uber-nervious. Several guys from my club wanted me to get my L2 for various reasons.


4" diameter
10 lbs on the pad
7'2" long
Dual-deploy with a HiAlt45k
24" drogue (too big) and 58" main.
AT J350 motor
1920' AGL

Absolutely picture perfect flight except for where it landed. :eek: The corn didn't look too tall back at the RSO table. When I started walking though it I realized the corn was at least a foot over my head.

[astro voice]Ruh-roh[/astro voice]

I had a compass and a good heading but no joy. I had 3 kiddos with me (my son, my daughter and her friend.) I made cracks about "children of the corn" but they didn't get it. After about 20 minutes of wandering through the corn we got to an access road and began to walk back. About 50 yards down the TOLEDO THERE IT IS!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

I was hollering so loud I thought people at the flight line would hear :roll:

There it is...My brand sparkling new L2. :D