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Jan 9, 2004
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I went in the other day to buy some 4Fg black powder from my local source. While I was in there I inquired about powder scoops. They guffawed at me. They pulled out Dixies (I believe) book of gun stuff and went searching through some tables. They came out with a 22 LR cartridge was about 1/3 gram. He then filled a 9mm cartridge to the top and it was pretty close to a gram.

So after the launch I came home and did some testing. I took 10 9mm cartridges and filled them with 4Fg. Then I weighed it. I got 8.75 grams. That means each cartridge is .875 grams of 4Fg. Not bad.

So, if your looking for an approximate 1 gram scoop - you can use a 9mm casing and get .875 gram.

Also, a .22 LR shell is .3 grams - I also tested it.

A 9mm case is also what I use. I also took a piece of 12 ga. solid copper wire and twisted around the end to form a handle and then put a piece of heat shrink around the wire. Measurements I came up with were .95xxx. Can't remember excatly anymore, it's basically a moot point anyhow.