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Jan 18, 2009
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On march 21th my son's scout troop is having a day
trip to launch rockets. Because my son and I build and fly
rockets, I have been elected to oversee this outing.
2 years ago I was also in charge of the building and
launching. We will be building the estes viking. The boys
will work in groups of 4 with one rocket per group. We meet
every monday night so we will use two meetings to build and
paint. 2 years ago we flew at an old gravel quary that was on
the property of one of the other dads in scouts. This year
I am trying to get permission to fly at a sod farm. My question
is, If I am a member of NAR will the insurance cover the scouts
on this outing that I am conducting? Any other thoughts or
As I understand it, launches conducted by NAR members that follow the NAR safety code are covered. One of the reasons I joined NAR is for our scout related activities. The Launch should be covered by NAR insurance, the rest of your outing should rightly fall under the umbrella of the Boy Scouts' insurance.
I agree thats my understanding as well. when I do scouting events involving model rocketry we have 2 insurence coverings. the nar and the bsa. We fly at a few places. one is a sod farm ( or was need to talk to them again) a corn farm ( we use the fields that are down for the year to rest.) and a public field. We are only alowed to fly lpr and mpr due to state regs but we have never had an issue.
Complete insurance information should be able to be found on the NAR website.

Scout insurance should cover you for official scout activities/outings.

NAR insurance will cover the NAR member for the activities of the NAR member. It will not cover other people nearby who hapen to be engaging in similar activity. Think of it this way: you have car insurance and are driving your car. The other souts in their cars driving next to, in front of or behind you are NOT covered by your car insurance. They must get their own. Of couorse, if you were to hold the controller and push the button for all the launches, then your personal NAR insurance would cover all the launches, since you are the one doing all the launching.

That leads us to NAR Section Insurnace. NAR Sections are NAR clubs and the club as an entity gets insurnace to cover the club for liability associated with legal rocket launches conducted by the club. Also available to sections only are special certificates that have wording to cover specific landowners. This is often needed before permission to use property is granted.

I hope this helps.
Just make sure that the Troop leaders have a Tour Permit approved by the BSA for the activity and you don't have to worry about anything.
Thanks to all for your replies. As for the tour permit, That is one
of my other jobs with our troop. I fill out and apply for every
permit through our council. As of the first of the year the
permit application became a little more involved.