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Oct 26, 2009
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Boyce Aerospace offers a 3D printed Nike Zeus-B. The buyers needs to sand the ridges and grooves left over from the 3D printing. Primer and painting help. Decals are provided by the buyer.

IMG_4272.jpg IMG_4277.jpg
It separates right after the checkerboard pattern that is above the 2 fin sets. The first two stages are glued together. Conceivably, it could be made into a 2-stage rocket, but the first stage would probably not have a recovery system.
that is really cool!! how much sanding is required? I have been looking at their Nike Hercules but have heard a lot of sanding is required.
Bob....that is a great thread...I have been eyeballing the Nike Hercules that they sell....might just have to pull the trigger. I do build a lot of plastic model airplanes....sanding never one of my favorite things to do but to build a Nike Hercules in LPR it will be worth it I think! I sense a future build thread....
The Nike Zeus B is similar, but not the same as the Spartan. The Boyce Spartan is 3D printed and requires sanding and painting for a good finish. My decals came from Sticker Shock.

IMG_4272.jpg IMG_4274.jpg

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