Boy, a lot of tracking software for Ham GPS/APRS tracking out there now


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Nov 25, 2009
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Central Illinois
Been futzing with this app for awhile for APRS tracking. Once the bugs are out of it for Bluetooth connecting to a B/T enabled TNC one will be able to track with a photomap set.
The tiles can be loaded for caching and brought out to the field. Only thing that can do that is APRSISCE/32, APRSISMO and Altus-Metrum's "Altos-Droid". Altos-Droid simply decodes
the digital stream from Altus-Metrum GPS tracking/deployment devices (if they have the GPS capability) and plots on a chosen mapset. Altos-Droid can cache maps from a high speed
link for later use out in the field. Alas, it's not configured for APRS and only works with their devices. That said, Altus-Metrum's hardware can be configured to send out an APRS packet so one wouldn't
have to use their Dongle or Tele-BT. They'll lack the telemetry data that their native algorithm transmits but one can still find the rocket.

Photomaps are the ultimate for Midwest flatlanders. Can see at an instance that perhaps the rocket is headed to some farmer's buildings. Kurt