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Apr 29, 2009
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It was a beautiful day for flying today! Sunny with blue skies, 0c and best of all not a breath of wind. My kids Courtney 7, and Curtis 4 hounded their mother to bring them to my place so I'd take them out launching rockets. After lunch we loaded up a few rockets and headed out to my favorite site. The cleared land not yet built on in the new neighbourhood where I work. It's about 500 feet square and free of any obstructions. Today it was covered in about six inches of snow, making for some nice soft landings.
We started with my scratch 1/5th scale Jayhawk. It has a cluster mount designed for 1 D-12+1 C-6. I tape on two "flaps" made from PET in the elevator positions to make it spin. This time the C didn't light but it still flew fine but lownslow on only the D. Ejection was just in time and the rocket recovered okay.
Next up was another scratchbuild my Skyscoop, a modified Dynastar Sky Torpedo with triangular airscoops between the fins to direct air through five holes in the lower C.R. and below the recessed mmt. I loaded an AT E-30-4 and my daughter pressed the button. Liftoff was fast and loud and it screamed into the blue rising several hundred feet. Ejection was early and the shockcord came loose from the airframe. Long after the body spun down the nosecone and parachute landed as well. There was no damage to the body and it will easily be repaired. Only long delays for this one in the future.
A TLP Pershing 1A that's heavily modified followed. It has a cluster of 1 24mm with three 18mm around it. All the motors lit and it rose majestically to burnout then popped out the C-6-0's and coasted to about 800 feet. The twin 18 inch chutes deployed perfectly and it swiftly fell to earth. The snow kept all the fins attached this time and it took no other damage.
Yet another scratchbuild was next. It's a BT-56 four feet long with four rather large butterfly wing-shaped fins and a capsule pod from an Estes Venus Probe for the nosecone. It looks like a flying Q-tip with two butterflies stuck to the base. Surprisingly enough it's a great flyer and didn't disappoint us today. I fired off my first Estes E in it and it so high we almost lost sight of it. It recovered fine with the body spinning under the chute.
I had a few more rockets with me but Mom's feet were cold so we had to call it a day. All in all it was a great day! Where are the pics you ask? Sorry no stills but videos will be posted to youtube under dedleytedley shortly. Ted
Videos are posted sorry about the poor quality,I really need a digital camcorder. Ted