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Box of LPR Parts and Kits

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Jan 17, 2009
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Up for grabs is a box of LPR parts and kits. There are 3 of each BT60, BT50, BT20 and BT5 body tubes. There is four Estes Big Bertha Nose cone, four 50k balsa nose cones, four BT50 to 18mm motor mount kits, two BT60 to 18mm motor mount kits, eight ¼” launch lugs, six 3/16” launch lugs, six 18mm motor stops, three sets of BT60 to 24mm centering rings, two BT60 couplers with bulkheads, two BT50 couplers, two packs 3” sky gripper streamers, one pack 1 ½” sky gripper streamers, two 12” thermal rider parachutes, two signed and numbered K and S Rockets Six Over Six kits, one signed and numbered K and S Rockets Xtreme Attitude kit, one signed and numbered K and S Rockets Heavy Hitter 3S kit. Everything is new.

There is well over a $100 worth of stuff, I am asking $65.00 plus $10.00 for shipping in the conus.

Back left is Xtreme Attitude Back Right is Six Over Six and in front is Heavy Hitter 3S. There is more kits in the picture than are listed and you only get what is listed.