Bound to Happen...!!!

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Jan 18, 2009
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I often wondered when it would happen...

It seems to be a clash between two of my sons interests...
While cleaning and repairing a few rockets (from after our last outing), it just sorta happened...

Ladies and gentlemen... let me introduce the "Harry Potter"...!!!

bashed from an earlier CHROME DOME I believe...

Just had to happen...LOL

Here's a shot of the whole thing...

I wish I could post more than one at a time.... and the "s" is for my files...

No "Harry Potter" project could be complete without the offical "GRYFFINDOR" crest on the tail fins...

OK... enough of this now... Thanks for humoring me and the kid...

Oooh! Very nice! Did you replace the CD's bodytube & spray the nosecone & fins?

Very cool scratch build looks great! I just finally took my son to see the third movie and it was a hoot. Those flags are dead on.

Once again, well done.