Bought toothpaste tonight, but was thinking...

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Mar 14, 2009
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...shouldn't it be called teethpaste? Once I am in there I am going to brush them all, not just one lucky guy. Guess I am channeling Steven Wright tonight.
It's kind of like how you say, "Bob's a six-foot tall man." Why isn't he a six-feet tall man?

Or a fine-toothed comb? Why not a fin-teethed comb?

The list is endless.
Same for fish. I was responding to "hairs cut," since we call a collection of hair "hair" and not "hairs." Just being silly.

I'm being intentionally pedantic here...

Technically,"fishes" is the plural form when referring to 2 or more species of fish, e.g., "There are over 15K types of fishes". But when the context is not about species, the plural is "fish", e.g., "There's enough fish there to feed a dragon!" were thinking it's active ingredient and artificial sweetener could make rocket fuel?
Why are underwear referred to as a "pair"? I have never worn more then 1 at a time, no way I am wearing a pair of them....

Comes down from a pair of pants, when a single "pant" covered only one leg. Totally lost relevance, like "dialing" the phone or "filming" a video.