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Oct 13, 2001
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Its been about a month since the last altimeter thread, so let's start a new one...

I just ordered a MissileWorks RRC2X altimeter. This is the first electronic device I will have ever used in a rocket. Thankfully, most of my questions can be [and have been] answered via the TRF search function.

My plan right now is to build a payload section for my THOY Wasp, and try out the unit on an E23-8 at the next PROS club launch in Simpsonville, SC. It'll fly just as an altimeter for now. Depending on if I can acquire another E motor in time, I may try the altimeter out in my 'antique' AAA Pennsylvania Crude.
It really is a good unit. In my opinion the best out there for simplicity and reliability.

Good choice!!! I wanna see pics;)
The next PROS Launch is July 17th. The website has not been updated in a while. Are you new to PROS?
Huh. Sounds good! I'll be ordering one this week... Now to decide whether I want the X version or not.. All on one board and long or 2 things and short.. huh.

PS: from what I've heard, they are VERY reliable if used correctly...
I know I love mine!
6 launches
6 deployments at varried hights
0- failures

I have the X- version and it fits in a 38mm tube if fitted correctly.
Originally posted by Tarc3
The next PROS Launch is July 17th. The website has not been updated in a while. Are you new to PROS?

I will be new to PROS at the launch. I usually only fly rockets at O-burg, but due to monthly scheduling conflicts, that means I only get to fly once a year.
Now that I have the RRC unit in my anxious hands and have read the instructions, my first question [to all 3 of you that haven't left for LDRS] is can I put the phono jack switch for the battery lead in the bulkhead plate, or am I better off putting it on the outside of the payload section?

Also, the instructions are a little unclear; does "powering up" essentially refer to hooking it up to the battery?
Heh, found the answer to one of my questions on page 5 of the instructions. However, this does lead to another question. Is there a recommended way to make the power switch wiring interchangeable from rocket to rocket?
I'm interested in finding that out, too. That's probably my number-one question: when I get an altimeter, will I be able to use it in multiple rocs or should it stay dedicated to one?
I would use a bay system that you could use on different rockets. This way each rocket will have a bay, then all you need to do is put the electronics in the bay before each launch. Check out for a simple example of a reusable bay system.

Good luck.
Okay, I got a 1.6" payload extension kit from LOC [ordered hours before they left for LDRS], a G-10 mounting plate, some hardware, and a normally open phono jack switch.

Wouldn't you know it; the battery holder mounted on the G-10 wouldn't fit down into the coupler segment of the payload section. Now, the only way it may work is if I tape the 9 volt battery to the G-10 mounting plate...or I fit it in altimeter first and run some extra wire to the phono jack mounted in the bulkhead plate.

Also, I'm finding that this is turning out to be too heavy for the motor I bought for the first flight; an E23-8. The rocket with the payload [but no motor] weighs in at 18 ounces, which experience tells me an 8 second delay is a wee bit too long for.
RRC2 is an excellent unit.

The 1st run of units years ago had some issues with hybirds particular the HyperTEK system. The one I had took acception to HyperTEK after about six flights, and started deploying all the laundry while doing Max-Q. The end result was a 4" dia. P.E. Extreme Performer filling up a trash bag with shredded parts. I sent that alt out for repair, and upon getting it back, sent it up again on a HyperTEK motor. The guinee-pig rocket was a FWFG 54mm minimum dia with an ACME fin can...deployed laundry at max-Q again...only damage this time was the main chute.

...there is more: I ordered the new improved RRC2 roughly 2 years ago. It has flown great on many HyperTEKs with not problems...but that RATT motor is a different story. Yet another Hybrid. I flew the RRC2 and my FWFG combination twice to 1,560 ft. on the RATT Works I80 (29mm "I" motor) a few launches later using the same combo, the laundry deployed as soon as the motor armed. on the 4th launch of this combo I got the same results...I again returnd the alt to the mfg and it was returned 2 months later with a "no problem found" analysis.

I don't know, maybe I have the touch, but I know a lot of people who own the RRC2 and fly hybrids with no "problemo" I appear to be the exception.

The alt is still in service. It likes to fly with my "candy" motors and such...I now am the proud owner of a Perfect Flight MAWD alt, and I am trying to get back into hybrids...lets see if I still have the touch.
Hmm, thats weird. I have flown the RRC2 with my I80 perfectly once...I need to fly that motor again...7 reloads sitting around...

Our RRC2 has been working great, but every now and then it will deploy before apogee, kind of strange. Slight zippers, but no big deal.

I too, just got a Perfectflite MAWD, and this may take the cake. I love it!!!
"quote" I too, just got a Perfectflite MAWD, and this may take the cake. I love it! "un-quote"

Downloadable info from flights stored in memory...I'm pumped about this one too!!