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Oct 12, 2009
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I have had some time on my hands since it seems that this winter it has rained more than it has for the past two years here in South Texas.

SO, once again I dived into the bottom of my building supply box and built the rocket my wife calls the Half Asp.

The nose cone I found at one of the places I fly at(my church), and the BT-50 body tube was a piece from a longer tube I cut.

It uses the same fins as my extended payload Asp that I built and made two fin sets for.

To keep it simple, instead of spin tabs I just extended the fins a little further back to give the illusion of spin tabs.

Any one else have a BOB rocket to show off.

Dark Lord Of The Scratch Builders

half asp 1.JPG

half asp 2.JPG
Very nice! The chrome on the nose looks amazing! How did you do it?

You could call this a BOB rocket. It has been well documented and shown here a couple times as well. It's called Running with Scissors, and most of it's parts came from abandoned scratch projects and a crashed rocket. The result was a post-L1 project designed to fly a mile on a 29mm I motor, all with single deployment. The project that I cut the tubes for was only supposed to go 1000', I abandoned that project and the cut tubes were later used for this.

The rocket flew to 4700' on an I200 and drifted almost 2 miles. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to a mile, so I have to try again. Maybe on a Cessaroni motor will kick it that extra 580' on a warmer day.

Picture 189.jpg

Midwest Power 7 021.jpg
The nose cone was found in the condition it is in now.

Now if the weather here in South Texas will cooperate maybe I can fly my two BOB rockets.

BTW that running with scissors is great looking.

Maybe a J motor will make it hit that mile you want.

Dark Lord Of The Scratch Builders
Thanks! Good luck with the weather.

Running with Scissors only has a 29mm mount, so the largest commercially available motors are Is. But, if it survives until I get out of college, I'll cook up a nice EX motor that will get it to that mile and then some.

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