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Oct 12, 2009
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One day while I was going through my totally organized model rocket building supplies, my wife came in and asked what I was going to do with all the left overs of small body tube pieces, balsa scraps and old nose cones.

She commented that I should build a bottom of the box rocket, which I did. Here it is.

She decided to call it the Space Arrow.

Have any of the rest of you built such a rocket? Lets see it.

Dark Lord Of The Scratch Builders

You know I like that. I like it a lot, including the paint job! Well done.
The Fins are made from 1/8 inch scrape balsa. The nose cone came from a Semroc X-ray kit, the body tube was one I found month ago some where.

Dark Lord Of The Scratch Builders
I have one called Recarnation #9. It's been rebuilt soo many times I think it's actually close to the 9 rebuild mark. I even tried to lose it with a G80-10 flight but it was found.

Think I'll refurbish it and fly it this year :p
Sounds to me like a rocket built from those odds and ends that sift to the bottom of your parts box over time. I'm working on one with the payload section made from surplus under-gravel aquarium filter plastic tube (the same size as an Estes BT-50!) and the nosecone from an old Alpha III kit I cannibalized for the motor mount a while back.:D I'll try to get some pictures of it on the forum when it's done.
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A few weekends ago I built a 3x24mm cluster in Bt-70 with a nose cone left over from a science fair project. I can't wait to fly it!!
Wellll, I've had bottom of the barrel ideas for rockets... :eek: