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Feb 5, 2009
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Hey All,

My son came up with this idea for a bottle rocket and we decided to build it. It came out pretty well I think. If this works, then I am thinking I will have to make a fleet of these things. We will be launching it at ROCstock in Nov. Pic attached.

Final picture showing the nose next to the rocket. We made the nose by attaching the top part of the bottle that was cut off to a tube coupler, then sanded the coupler down a bit so it was not so tight.

I have a similar project going using a plastic Coke bottle with the classic Coke shape. May I suggest painting the motor tube silver? I think these can be a lot of fun... a lot of bottle sizes, designs and colors to choose from.
Good job! I have seen a lot of people make bigger rockets out of the 'upscale' plastic banks, but not that many with the 'full scale' bottles. Very nice, I love using junk to make rockets! The best kind of recycling :)

The only water bottle of that type that I've used is a water rocket. Here is the closest thing I have flying.