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Jun 30, 2010
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Does anyone know if I could use any of these for small saucer rockets for C power?
I built a "bottle" rocket from a 2 liter coke bottle.
Stuck the motor in the pour spout, nozzle facing outwards.
I attached some long skinny fins at the base, similar to the mars lander.
I figured it may be stable enough to fly, but probably needed nose weight.

I launched on a C6-5, it when up about 20 feet, did a complete 360 and landed in my neighbor's yard.

Not really a successful flight, but brought a smile to our faces:)
Ive seen someone from our rocket group launch the top off a 2litre bottle of pop (Cut off). I've also seen plastic salad bowls being launched . Right time for a hunt . Im at my nans, and she keeps loads of stuff thats usefull . Ill post some pics of what I find . Wont be long


I'd use the cap as the nose cone (strip the threads or something) and run a tube up through the center of the bottle to act as a motor mount and stuffer/recovery holder.

Micromister has built several odd-rocs out of plastic bottles and posted pics on TRF. I'm sure he could chime in with his examples.
By calling them 'saucers' I assume you mean you will cut the (sorta) conical pieces and mount a motor in that section.(?) I will state the obvious and say that if you take any of them and put a motor in the butt end, that you will need fins. Hence they are no longer saucers. The two on the left don't look like saucer potentials, but if you chopped the tops of the other three off and mounted a motor tube you might be OK. It's hard to get a great feel without seeing the dimensions next to a motor tube.

Makes me wonder if I modified one of my 4" AAW deltas to take a 18mm motor if it would work. (light coming on)
Here is my current 'bottle' rocket. The legs (chopsticks) are just dry-fit while I decide what fins I want at their tips. I may also trim the motor tube if I stick with the legs vs standard fins.
I know you were at UKRA2004, Karl. ;) If you were there on the Sunday, you may have seen this.
When I first saw this post, I thought about the guy that came to our field and launched 2 liter bottles...using a water pressure system. This is much different...and interesting.

I am intrigued by water rockets, am on the yahoo group, and visit several web sites regularly. I built a couple of simple water rockets with 'boink' recovery using an electric tire pump. I got all worked up but winter cooled me down an I haven't persued them. One day...
Originally posted by adrian
I know you were at UKRA2004, Karl. ;) If you were there on the Sunday, you may have seen this.

LOL , you couldn't miss me at UKRA2004:rolleyes: !
Nope I wasn't there , I headed home late Saturday evening. That coke bottle looks cool , im sure that isnt full with liquid?
I did a 1 litter bottle on a 24 mm D12-5 the flight was a little weird because the basswood fins warped into a curved shape that make it twist as it went up then no chute but it looked cool and the pet bottles are light and strong but not heat resistant: :mad: :)
I was looking at a plastic 8-quart powdered Kool-Aid container the other day, and even went as far as stripping the label off it. The top is nicely rounded and everything... and you could sure pop the top off it to pull a parachute out.