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Jan 17, 2009
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Friday was a very busy day! I was invited to come to the Boston Children's Museum to do a series of build sessions and demo launches for the kids visiting the museum.

We set up a schedule where we would do a 1-hour build with up to 20 kids (and their families), 30 min break (where I could prep rockets), a short rocketry demo then repeat 3 more times throughout the day.

Whew! The first build session was very light with only 4 builders. After that we had our first demo with about 60 people watching. It was tough launching in such a tight area against the river, but we pulled it off. After that demo, each session was filled with 15 or more builders. It was a hoot!

I hope to make this a regular part of the museum offering with a program twice a year or, perhaps, every quarter. We would definitely do a launch demo *first* to get folks attention.

Here are some pix from the day. I hope to have the photo album up early next week.
  • A crowd of kids and parents building Whatchamacallit kits!
  • This one boy has a love of math and things that fly and loved this session.
  • This will give you an idea of our flying field, such as it was... :) We received interesting looks from the folks on the boardwalk when we announced a pending launch.
  • One of our classes of young rocket scientists.

It really was a wonderful event that everyone seemed to enjoy. But, MAN it was a full day! I was beat :)