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Jan 17, 2009
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Toney, AL
MW2 was a complete disappointment to me, once you get past the "whats new" the game is merely COD 4 with frills.

...and then for Christmas, my daughter got me a copy of Borderlands...I have played it an average of 4 to 6 hours a day everyday since what does that really mean? I beat MW2 in two days on the hardest mode, and I am terrible at video games...I'm not even 1/4 of the way through Borderlands, it is truly that good.

Check out the youtube videos, they are great...the two Clap Trap outtakes are hilarious

What is Borderlands? It is a First Person Shooter, with a hint of Roll Playing. Those of you familiar with the Road Warrior movie with Mel Gibson, would understand the landscapes with which the environment and maps are akin wastelands. The game has a weapon generating program with literally millions of weapon possibilities. It also has the largest maps of any game, even eclipsing Battle Field Bad Company. There are 45 main missions, and 130 side missions, and two play throughs on each of the four mains Characters: The Siren, The Soldier, The Hunter & The Berserker (700 missions total).Never the same game.

You can play single palyer, or split screen, and the game truly blossoms as an on-line team player (Co-Op) with 3 other players...sorry COD & HALO fans, no team death matches...there are duals, but no large matches. Trade weapons with family or friends on-line...once you play, you'll know why <grin>

Downloadable content includes a huge Zombie play though, that COD WAW cannot hold a flame to, and an arena play through that pits you or your Co-Op team mates against wave after wave of enemies (Sans HALO ODST).

Don't buy it, rent it first...and then when you take it back to the video store, rent it again or buy it, cause I gaurantee that you will be hooked...there should be a law for having this much fun...hands down, best game I have played.

My Xbox Gamertag is: xX DRAGON64 Xx

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I am interested in playing that game too. going wait till sony offers it to me for free. I play most of my games on the ps3, since the 360 is such a piece of junk I dont want to get half way through the game only to have my x-box fail so bad I cant fix it. Just fixed my x-box yesterday. when it does not work at all, I am not getting a fourth one.
Xbox issues aside, borderlands would rock on any system...but would probably be better on the PC(?)

Next up is Mass Effect 2 and then Bad Company 2...looks like a better year for gaming is ahead.
Care to explain your method for obtaining games from Sony for free?

Sony has a website for employees of stores that sell Playstation products. Basically, you take short 10 question quizes about games, hardware, etc and earn points. Once enough points are earned the points can be redeemed for sony products on a catalog they have on the site. Until recently, shipping was free, but they recently started charging $10 for shipping, which stinks but still better than paying $60 for a game. There are other ways to earn points, and they have a quarterly contest, and occasionally draw names to win a free game (which I have won a copy of locoroco 2 that way). Other perks include exclusive access to betas before they go to public beta (ie MAG, Modnation Racers, LBP)

The only drawback is they dropped hardware from the catalog, I was saving my points to get a Dualshock 3 and the thumbpad keyboard and when I got enough points they no longer offered them :(

Microsoft has a similar sight for xbox but I never joined, they do things differently there.
Xbox issues aside, borderlands would rock on any system...but would probably be better on the PC(?)

Next up is Mass Effect 2 and then Bad Company 2...looks like a better year for gaming is ahead.

Agreed. I hate to say this, but there are to many good games coming out to close to each other. BC2, White Night Chronicles. Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. and many more I cant think of off the top of my head.
Army of Two 2.

MW2 does have a sweet looking missile in it. A SAM of some type maybe? It's going to be my next rocket (in spirit at least).

MW2 missile post.jpg