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Jul 11, 2011
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I'm working on building a Quantum Leap. I was wondering if any of you have any booster recovery mods/ideas.

I already have a fiberglass coupler from Hawk Mtn. and plan on mounting my electronics inside of it. My concern is firing the second stage from timer electronics in the booster as opposed to being located in the main. What configurations have you used or seen?

My other concern is having the electronics capsule from the booster flaping in the wind and coming down hard when the booster lands.

Suggestions and recommendations much appreciated and if you have pics all the better.
IF you are going to use electronic staging for the sustainer, why can't you you use a small delay on the booster engine to pop out a small chute so the booster/electronic staging come down easy? Or have a two ouput staging timer that ignites the upper stage and then pop a chute on the booster?
I understand your concern about the electronics bay smacking the booster body.
A thought I have is put the timer in the sustainer and use it strictly for ignition of the upper stage and use engine ejection with a short delay to deploy the booster chute.
There are many ways to skin this cat:)
The problem with putting the timer electronics in the sustainer is that the quantum leap is only 3" in diam. I had the kit modified so, yes I have room to put in a K700 and have 6" to spare to put in electronics above, BUT trying to fit a tube between the 54mm motor tube and airframe will be exceptionally tight if not impossible because of the fiberglass coupler connecting the booster to the main. If anyone has done this, I'd greatly appreciate pics of the electronics bay built into the airframe and pics showing logistics of running wires through the frame.
2 other thoughts.
1. put the timer below the parachute in the booster and put a quick disconect through the fwd end cap (like a phono jack)
2. put your electronics as originaly planned between booster and sustainer and use a seperate chute to recover your electronics bay (booster should burn out fairly low so seperate recovery may not be a problem tracking)