BONUS LUNAR Snow Ranch launch 3/11/17!

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Oct 9, 2013
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San Jose, CA
Just announced last night, making up for the rained-out Jan/Feb launches. Looks like tomorrow should be a good day. I didn't go last week and it turned out to be a great day, it's short notice but I'm going to try to go to tomorrow's. It does mean I need to slap together a TRS this evening, however. :)

Sounds like Mike (BAR) won't be there, so it was said if you need motors to go to BAR's website and place the order (no idea what the cutoff is) and Tony would pick them up tomorrow morning on his way to the launch.
I'm working to put a new TRS into my nosecone tonight too. With the short notice, I'll be up late prepping a few motors/charges. Looking forward to some nice flights tomorrow.
I really enjoyed the videos.
The white rocket is my Madcow "Level2", 4-in Fiberglass Rocket. It flew on an Aerotech RMS 54/1280 J800T.
The Silver Rocket with the Pink nosecone is my LOC Athena 3. It flew on an Aerotech RMS 29/240 H220T-M
It was nice to see the full flight including the zoom in during deployments.
Thank you,