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Feb 11, 2009
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Monroe, Oregon
I've undertaken my first fiberglassing job on a scratch built 2.5" diameter rocket. It's glassed but now I need to finish it. I understand that Bondo is the material to use at this stage. Unfortunately my garage is not heated and the Bondo has way too much odor to use inside the house. Does anyone know of an alternative that I can use indoors?
Actually Bondo is not preferred. A better alternative is Super Fil which is lighter in weight and bonds better to epoxy. Although I don't particularly like the smell of Super Fil, it is much less pungent than Bondo.
Super Fil works, and Aeropoxy has another, similar product, that's actually easier to work with.

If you go with Super Fil, make sure you buy from someone like Aircraft Spruce, who moves a lot of it -- it has a shelf life, and the first place I ordered it from, it was old and didn't work well, at all, because of it.

Thanks very much for the replies. Gosh, I'm glad I asked. I'll order the Aeropoxy product and support one of our rocketry vendors in the process.