Bonding Old Self-Adhesive Decals

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Jul 16, 2010
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I recently won an Estes Teros on eBay, to go alongside my Newway Squareos. The kit's in good shape given its age, but the adhesive on the decals has deteriorated. Tango Papa sells the Teros waterslide decal, but I think the original would look better. Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with adhesives that will bond without wrinkling or deforming the decals?
I recommend one of MicroScale's brush-on adhesives.

MicroScale's Liquitape, once dry after being brushed on, is VERY sticky. Way stickier than say Scotch tape. Can be removed.

They also have a Metal Foil adhesive, which I have not used, yet. I got a bottle of that to try on my Lunar Module Quadcopter once i'm ready to do the final finish work on it. But I cannot say how sticky it is compared to LiquiTape. Can not be removed.

A well stocked hobby shop usually carries these.

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Thanks, George. I will try that also. Finishing and detailing rockets has never been my forte', but that's one of the great things about our hobby - those with experience are always willing to share their knowledge.