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Mar 21, 2009
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It just bought 31 Quest rocket kits for 20 dollars at a garage sale! All in in unbroken packages!:D
1) Nike Smoke
2) Big Rage
3) Penetrator
4) Falcon
5) Triton-x
6) QE-Z Payloader
7) Pulsar
8) Apex
9) Tracer
10) Commander
11) Astra 1
12) Totally Tubular
13) Super Bird
14) Flat Cat
15) HL-20 Lifting Body
16) Zenith-II
17) Big Betty
18) Gamma-Ray
19) Super Eagle
20) Icarus
21) Navaho AGM
22) Sprint
23) UFO Flying saucer
24) X-30
25) Aries
26) 5 T-minus 5

Nice Score hun!
Probably build most of them, but I am willing to sell some if someone is interested. I already built the x-30 and the Aries.
I've got the aries too, It's a really quick build and flies okay.
Thats nice to hear. What do fly it with? I was thinking a C6-3