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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm probably the last person to know about this stuff but....

i've just found out about plastic metal, or car body filler. i needed to fill sone largish gaps, white glue shrinks, and i was out of epoxy, or my usual humbrol model filler.
the DT department at work said i should try this stuff, and it is amazing.

fills the gaps really well, sands very easily, hardens in 12 minutes, is not too heavy (similiar to epoxy i think)

and it's alot cheaper that epoxy or model filler.

the type i used was Loctite body filler.
has anyone else used this? and is there anything i should know about it if others have used it?



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I've never used that brand, but I suspect it's similar to most other auto body fillers. They work well.

The thing to remember is that they shouldn't be used in the house, and a respirator is highly recommended -- reading the label and/or MSDS will typically give you a full understanding of why.

cheers, i'm a chemist, so all my solvent type work is carried out in a fume cupboard.