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Jan 27, 2009
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Finally got around to launching my Viking today. As a kid, I missed the one opportunity I had to get an FSI kit although I coveted the catalog I got at a shop in Texarkana.

I asked Bill Saindon if a C11-3 would be OK for a first flight and he agreed. Well, a C11 took it high and fast, and the three second delay was probably too short as it tore two shroud lines out of the reinforced holes of a plastic Estes chute. (The tube diameter is a little tight for a 12" nylon chute.) I had read on EMRR of someone using a C11-7 and was skeptical. Seven seconds still sounds a little long but a C11-5 would have definitely been better. I thought the bird was a little heavy and has draggy tube fins but it's a fairly hot ship. I think it would go out of sight on a D engine.

The day was windy and before it "landed" the tube fins caught the wind and put the fuselage level for a fairly soft touchdown in the tall grass - no damage other than the chute.

Had to get a picture or two before the first flight, in case it didn't go so well. Colors were Testor's Sublime Green, Plymouth Silver and Gloss white. Strange how the background influences the color of the green.


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Agreed, beautiful work on the model! The three second delay is way too short. Well, that's what we learn by the word "experience." You'll do better
on the next flight, I can promise you! :D