BlueSkies 4 August 7th

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May 25, 2002
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The Bluegrass Rocketry Society BluesRocks #657 is happy to announce BluesSkies 4 this coming Saturday from 10AM-6PM. We have a 5K waiver and the weather is looking absolutely beautiful for this time of year: 79-80 F Mostly Sunny with < 5mph winds from the NNE....

Come on out for a beautiful August day for low,mid and high power rocketry... ..

Come on down!

for more info please see our website at
BlueSkies 4 was a resounding success with close to 80 flights in a 6 hr period....Later this week I will post both a Launch report and the pics should be up on our site by weeks end hopefully....Stewart32 got some outstanding photos.... as a appetizer attached is a photo as to why we call our launches BlueSkies.....enjoy
Here is a link to the pics my wife got. She's getting pretty good! :)

These will be up on the BluesRocks site, along with more info on some of the unnamed pics. And, hopefully, Stewart32's pics as well. It was good to see you again Stewart!!
The big Alpha is an effects rocket, built by Dennis Stevens. It is designed to function with 3 events. First, a large smoke bomb in the aft end, then the nose comes off, and six standard Alphas launch from within the larger one. It was pretty neat, except my launch system took a few tries to get the smaller Alphas lit. But, when it did, they all six went at the same time as planned.
I told Dennis that he ought to place a 98mm M in that alpha and then airstart his 6 alphas at 10K feet.........of course I'm joking.....

Your wife takes great shots. I will have to take pointers from her.
My contribution will soon follow.
(I'm kinda partial to the 3B cluster shot.)


Yes, It was a great launch, and I have the sunburn to prove it!
Looking forward to the next meet.
We set our camera shutter speed any where from 1/1000, to 1/2000, using an ISO setting of 400 (the highest the camera will go). On overcast days, we may set the shutter as low as 1/500. The only other pointer, is what you were doing, practice. Get use to the lag for your camer, and get used to the countdown speed. That's why 99 percent of the time, she can catch my rockets, and has trouble catching other peoples. She has my countdown rythm down to a "T"

You are right about that. I noticed that most if not all her shots capture the rocket being clear of the rod where as mine show smoke-n-fire on the blast plate. Hey its all digital. I can take numerouse poor shots with the best of 'em.