Blue Raven Development Thread: Flight Summary Data

Adrian A

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Jan 21, 2009
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Lakewood, CO
When you approach a Blue Raven after it lands, as soon as it gets into Bluetooth range it will start downloading flight data to your phone. To get all the data will take several minutes to download, but before all that, the Blue Raven will provide flight summary data first. It's a bunch of useful or interesting data in distilled form that you'll have available on its own phone page right away. Here is the list so far, in approximate order
  • Rocket name
  • Launch date
  • Launch time
  • Max altitude (baro)
  • Max velocity
  • Max acceleration during motor burn
  • Max drag deceleration
  • Apogee deployment charge max acceleration
  • Main deployment charge max acceleration
  • Third channel deployment charge max acceleration
  • Fourth channel deployment charge max acceleration
  • Drogue (or drogueless) descent rate at main deployment
  • Main chute average descent rate
  • Roll rotations during ascent
  • tilt angle at burnout
  • Tilt losses (% of delta-V non-vertical)
  • Pad altitude
  • Landing time
Is there any other summary data that could be interesting that I'm missing?