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Jun 13, 2004
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Hello guys my latest project(havet had one in a while could do with money i have!) Im building a Pvc rocket the pvc is 3" id nd 3.25 odso the tube lone wighs 15 oz It is 12 " long! today i cut it to that size filled it in and made in smooth I also made the fins! Im going to make the cone tommarow This rocket without motor will weigh about 1.6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing im not sure about is wheter it would shater if it hit the ground!!!

So basically its a stubby rocket But it looks pretty cool so far so expect pics offale soon!!!
Shatter? nah! If you want, take a scrap piece out and try to beat it up...pvc is some tough stuff.

What exactly will your new project look like? Pics? You know we can't make a judgement without pics!!! :D

sounds good, keep us updated.
That's gonna be one heavy rocket for its size...Oh well, bigger motor!! What are you planning on using?

EDIT: Just realized this is in the MPR forum, so g's perhaps?
Fly it on a G79 :) If shattering is a concern, put in a bigger chute. If the chute doesn't open, build another.
Im going to fly it on G-80 that should get it up high enough around 1000 feet!
that sounds really kewl yeah some pics would be awsome good luck with that hope it goes well!!
I have built PVC rockets before. If you don't deploy a chute you get small pieces of PVC. Also if it's cold it is more brittle. If your using epoxy be sure to rough up the surface as PVC is very slick. Also, if your stuck on using plastics, try ABS, lighter and the same dimensions as PVC.

Yea, should be interesting.

At LDRS someone I know flew a 4.5" Full Scale Arcas made out of Schedule 40, landed without chute and the tubing cracked all the way through in many places.

You may want to watch stability.

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