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Feb 19, 2009
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When I first started searching on the 'net for rocketry stuff, I came across a website for Blast From The Past Rocketry. Looks like the have/had some really neat clones and upscales.

But...the website says that everything is out of stock and nothing looks very recent.

Anyone know the status of BFTPR?

I'd like to build a Century Shuttle clone and a kit would make it MUCH easier.

I'm not sure...someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong.

They had a booth close to JimZ and I at NARAM 43 and after Vern and Gleda Estes finished their pleasant visit with us and a few other people Vern went over and was well...the discussion didn't seem too cordial.

Vern seemed a bit...upset. Right after that, models got moved and there just seemed to be a mood change in the air.

I didn't ask and I won't repeat what I heard because it was kinda vague to my ears (I think I only heard one side).

This is why when I make a clone...I ask permission!

BTW, Carl at SEMROC asks permission too!

That doesn't make sense to me. Vern sold the company long ago. I would think the rights to all those kit names and designs went to Damon and eventually to the present parent company.

Was he allowed to keep the rights to those early kits?
Blast From The Past is owned by Mike Jerauld (forgive me if I screw up the spelling,) and has been in a holding pattern since Mike took on the challenge of a massive remodel of his home. Mike's a west-coaster (San Diego), so I have my doubts about him being the aforementioned company at NARAM 43. Mike mentioned on OldRockets a few weeks back that he is just about to resume production. He only offers five kits, a Centuri Mach 10 and an upscale, a Centuri Space Shuttle and a hopeful upscale and a big Estes two stager (Omega?) I've got a Shuttle and it's a great kit. I'm on the board for one each of the Mach 10's, but I've since built and flown several of my own in both sizes.
BTW, I was at NARAM 43 and I think I know who Sandman is talking about also. I bought one of Jim's Red Max shirts for my son and looked at the models on the other table also. They were a little out of my range at the time, but I still wish I'd have ponied up for a Sky Dart.
I just checked the BFTP site. This is what Mike has recently added:
BFTPR is currently on hold pending the completion
of my base of operations on Penrose St. I expect to
be finished in the next 3-4 weeks and restarting my
kits a few weeks later
Sounds like a call to arms to me. Man your checkbooks!
Hey gang-

Mike produces some amazing clones, especially the Centuri Space shuttle. I've seen him fly them many times. Appearantly his approach to the nosecones greatly improves flight performance from the original.

Mike is a great guy who continues to contribute to the San Diego rocket community on a regular basis. He's always been cordial and extremely helpful whenever I've presented my multitudes of "how to..." questions. I seriously can't picture him picking a fight with Vern Estes...

I'll let him know that there have been questions here and I'll also see him at the local DART launch on Feb. 8 and I'll check to see how BFTP is coming along.
I have the BFTPR shuttle and it's beautiful. Mike's vacuum formed nose cones allow both the orbiter and booster to actually fly, almost too well in the case of the orbiter. I can't wait until he's back up; he mentioned a possible Taurus clone.
I doubt if it was Mike at NARAM 43; I don't think he's been east with his stuff. By what Bill wrote I think I know who he means. I bought the scissor wing transport clone and I wasn't all that happy with it: badly xeroxed patterns and plans, uneven cuts on the tubes, no decals, and pricey. Mike's kits, on the other hand, have excellent instructions, laser cut balsa, perfectly cut tubes, and decals. Here's my shuttle.
Drew Tomko

This is why I said "correct me if I'm wrong".

Apparently I was wrong...I''ll shut up now.

Fishead, if you bought a shirt from JimZ at NARAM 43 I was probably close by...JimZ and I rode there together.

gotta love that N1 he built!!!

I shouldn't have peeked at the kits, I got the "wants" again.
Originally posted by dtomko
I have the BFTPR shuttle and it's beautiful. Mike's vacuum formed nose cones allow both the orbiter and booster to actually fly,Drew Tomko

Drew I'm not sure why you said it that way... my old original Centuri dual shuttle booster and orbiter flew just fine.... even with those nasty ol'e Heavy red plastic and balsa nose cones:) Matter of fact that's why I can't fly it at present, the orbiter thermaled away, just haven't taken the time to build a replacement:(
Had the balsa nosed version, too, and it never flew well (maybe due to my "youthful" approach to building back then!). I have seen a number of comments that the plastic coned version was a poor performer, however.
WOW ... I built one of those Centuri Space Shuttles back in the day ..... I never did fly it :-( and I have no idea what happened to it over the years either. I really would love to have a chance at a do-over on this bird ! Is Blast from the Past Rocketry gonna sell these kits once his home is finished ?
Gotta agree with Rocketman TM - Mike is an EXCELLENT guy and was very helpful when I had problems getting my Orbiter to fly right.

Get this - he went and dusted off his ORIGINAL model, test flew it, and talked me through the angles and settings to get mine to the optimal configuration.

Next flight out - it took me HOURS to find it!!

He was also instrumental in giving me the push to produce my own kits! I owe him BIG TIME!

Wanna see a UK version of the shuttle? See pic...

I'm also waiting for the upscale...!

Mega kudos Mike!

I have his shuttle finnished, but have not flown it. Well I have not launched it. I have "test flown" both around the basement many times and they seen to fly good. I love the kit and would buy any of his kits. Very quality stuff.
Hey Team!

I do apologize for the long hiatus in operations. Next time, forget the renovation, it'll be a BULLDOZER!

Things are moving along apace at Penrose St. (yeah, that's what street my house is on - really!)

I hope to be back there by the end of the month and finishing out the well.... finishing. On the 26th, I become the age of the answer to THE question of life the universe and everything. I want to be back in my own bed! (Where's a PGGB when you need one!)

Many thanks for the kind words from Bill, Todd, Drew, and Gary. I've been a BAR since '98 after seeing October Sky but the NARAM42/2000 Adventure was a life changing event that made me love the sport and even more determined to repay the grace I was bestowed.

If you think I've gone a bit over the edge, just read the Cineroc Adventures page about NARAM42/2000. I'm STILL smiling about that!

Not me at '43..... I haven't been to a NARAM since 2000, but have made the last three NARCONs. Not sure if I can make the next one.

I hope to be back in initial production efforts by mid-march. Parts procurement mostly. I also need to make a couple of new RTV molds for some parts and revamp the vac-former with a new vacuum system. M-10Ds will probably be first (as that's what I have the most parts for) but a small run. Almost all are spoken for on the whiteboard list generated from the emails over the last year.

I checked with the necessary entities before I dove into my operations 4 years ago. I strickly follow the guidelines given and there have been no problems.

I met Vern & Gleda at NARAM42/2000. He had very kind words for me after my Vender Forum presentation. He was very pleased to see the Omega I built from scratch in 3 days (thanks JimZ!), tested on the Tuesday, and flew the Cineroc with on Wednesday.

The upscale Shuttle flew fantastic twice then crashed and burned on an RMS E11. The flight bug was traced to a boost configuration need for a more forward C/G. Fixed it by adding weight to the forward disk of the power pod. You can see the flight photos of the first good flight (that killed the Orbiter). The second with about 2/3rds the weight flew perfectly. I'll build a completely new prototype and eventually finalize the kit configuration.

I'll make posts to RF, RMR, and OldRockets when I'm back in action.

all the best
Thanks for the update, Mike! I think I'll be saving my allowance for one of your (original scale) shuttle kits when you're back in action.

I'm glad yo're here and I'm glad I was wrong.



Welcome back! Brian Moulton and I were talking just this past weekend about how we hadn't seen you at any of the Plaster City launches recently. Any chance you'll be out there this weekend, or will you still be working on your abode?

PB Crew,

Not working on house but this is the only weekend that DART and TRASD have concurrent launches. I'll be running Fiesta Island on Sunday.

See ya soon!
I've been waiting for that space shuttle kit for Soooooo looong now - I would love to get one of these kits. Hope you manage to get it done soon. Keep us posted