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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a the really small blacksky rail. I want to start putting rail buttons on everything, but the big McMaster Carr rail is just a bit to awkward for LPR. I'd like to get my hands on a short, 3-4 foot long Blacksky rail.

Anyone know where I can get one?

I hear ya on the awkward Jason. You won't beat Mcmaster Car on the prices though and you'll be able to saw up a 6 or 8 footer into two short ones that you can still couple if needs be. Plus they get shipped in a 3.5" heavy duty tube. I'm going to make my next one and possibly two HPR rockets out of the tube my rail came in. I paid $48 and change for it Of course I'll have to make my own rings and nose cones since 3.5" is an odd size.
I did visit your rocket page and got a good laugh out of your flight log entry for your PML AMRAAM 2 flight on 10/18/03. You did a great job of describing it.
And the rest of the flights tell me that the thing may be possessed.
Thanks for helping me end a crappy day with a chuckle.

I'm thinking of renaming it the "Duck And Cover".
Which one of the multiple rails McMaster-Carr sells is compatible with standard rail buttons and guides?
The 1/4" T-slot ones are compatible.

60585K41 is the 6' version and 60585K42 is the 8' one I bought.

EDIT: This link explains it all better than I can here.
Rail Buttons
Originally posted by Zippy
I'm thinking of renaming it the "Duck And Cover".

That sounds about right.
You don't by chance have any video of any of these launches, do you?