Blacksky ARRD alternatives?


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Jan 31, 2009
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I'm way late to the game but I'm realizing how handy Blacksky's ARRD system would have been for dual-deploy recovery in a single compartment. I've found a couple of DIY versions online but seem to recall reading about a commercially available alternative to this product. Any pointers?

Or does anyone have an ARRD system they no longer use and want to sell? Thanks in advance.

Greg Smith
TRA#8576, L3


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Jan 20, 2009
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Original ARRD design works flawlessly and it's been up to the task everytime I used it.

If you can, get the RATT unit.

When (and IF) doing tests however keep this in mind: in a "free" configuration the toggle gets literally fired away from the cylinder!

Do not aim the device to anyone and/or anything, serious damage could occur as it flies away at high speed.

When I first got one I wanted to see how it worked and static tested the device ALONE pointing up: toggle was fired up and away and I was lucky enough to get it back.

So if you wanna see it in action, use some length of shock cord to prevent loosing it.

Install it in the rocket so the toggle is not fired toward anything: picture shows ARRD at the top pointing toward the open end of the rocket (nosecone separation).