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Jan 22, 2009
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How can they sell all those fireworks to the public which is loaded in Black Powder and we need a LEP for even a touch of it?
I dunno, but maybe it's classification... Fireworks as opposed to loose BP. Just my guess.
but you can knock open a firework and get the stuff right out of it...

edit: 400 :D
I bought a trunk load of fireworks last weekend, and three or four of them contain 500 grams of black powder for all your "shoots flaming balls w/ report" needs...;)

...but I have to have the prefect of our club hold my hand to the launch pad to burn a H reload :eek: He and a few others already have their LEUP's
Originally posted by rabidsheeep
but you can knock open a firework and get the stuff right out of it...

edit: 400 :D

But you need a LEUP to use it in a rocket... am i right? if so, I don't think teh black powder would burn fast enough. I have burned it outside of a firework (fireworks grade BP) and it burned wayyyy to slow to use as an ejection charge or motor. The orange stuff, perhaps, but that explodes in small quantities.
low explosives user permit

still, you can get the black powder, and if your crazy enough you could get enough from it to do something bad...
Another guess-

Maybe it's cause fireworks grade BP burns really slow, 4f which is used in rockets is pretty fast burning... poof! as opposed to psssss...
Is it really a national law that you need a LEUP for blackpowder? Here in PA all you need to do is let the salesperson take your driver's license so they can do a quick 5 min. background check on you. Makes me think it is different in different states. I even tell them I use it for ejection of rocket parachutes, but they never seem to care.
I havent' even bothred to try asking for it up here (Canada) We are apparently pretty tight with this stuff.

Last winter, I tried to get lead shot, to help balance an RC airplane. I needed to have my FAC (Firearms Aquasition certificate) just to buy lead shot! I was uterly surprised!! Shells, firing caps, black powder I can understand.. But lead shot?! So I asked for fishign weights instead. About 6 ounces worth. Poor salesguy, climbing over 'summer stock' in the back jsut to get me every last bag of 'sinkers'..

Governement rules are kinda funny, and how they are applied...
I guess even though it is a large chain (French Creek Outfitters), they don't care too much about trivial legal matters as most chains tend to do. But I only buy the little 1lb. cans anyway.

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