Black Powder "Baggie" or Paper Containment

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Mar 24, 2004
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To make a loong story short. I need to place my main ejection charge at the bottom of a sealed (from one end) 4" payload section too long to reach the bottom of with my arm. I'll be using a Blacksky AltACC 2C with the aluminum enclosure in this same section. I've already run through all kinds of long and short bracket ideas to hold a BP canister. In the spirit of the "KISS" principal (that I often neglect) I've decided to simply drop my charge losely to the bottom of the payload section, place a nomex pad on top followed by the chute and cord. Is there a method (I've tried TRF search but could not find it) for assembling such a BP charge using some sort of baggie or paper construction. Thanks in advance. - Peter
Some people just cut the fingers off of latex/nitrile gloves. Then just pour in your charge, add e-match and secure with a rubber band. Super simple.
ROL has a page on ejection charges at with a few different methods shown.

Personally, I use a variation on the plastic wrap method using the little baggies that motor grains come in for my charges. Put in the correct amoung of BP, e-match tip, tightly twist the baggie and then tightly wrap the whole thing in electrical tape. I have never, ever had one fail.

YMMV, --Lance.
Be careful!

I did something like this and the charge ended up next to the body tube. Blew a 1" hole in the side of the tube and never ejected the chute.

If I were to do it again, I would make sure the charge ends up in the center of the tube.

I would suggest you crumple a piece of paper into a ball arround you charge holder (glove tip, baggie, micro-cetrifuge vial, whatever.) Then stuff this ball down into the body.

If you don't want to use something flamable, use a small bundle of Nomex. I would not suggest this nomex replace you chute protector - use in addition.