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Jan 17, 2009
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Well I was asked if we where going to offer any specials for Black Friday. I was not going to do anything but since a few people have asked I decided I would do something. So here it is: From 6am EST till 10pm EST on Friday November 27th We will be giving 10% off on all orders of $25 or more (this does not include custom orders), also orders of $50 or more will also get free shipping (this is only in the US) and orders of $125 or more will also get a free set of our 2 piece rocket stands. To place your order email me at [email protected] with a list of the items you want and include your email address that you want invoiced through paypal. To get these special I have to receive your order between 6am and 10pm on Friday the 27th (a few minutes before or after is okay).