Birmingham Blast Off Sport Launch - April 18th

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Jan 17, 2009
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Birmingham Blast Off - April 18th, 2009. Hosted by the Birmingham Rocket Boys (BRB), NAR section #665.

A large sport launch both for local fliers and anyone within driving distance who is interested in coming out for a big day of flying.

Location: North Birmingham, AL, at the New Georgia Landfill (a reclaimed site).

Waiver: 3,000 feet

We fly with a mix of centralized launch control (club equipment) and “misfire alley” (personal equipment). So, you can bring and use your own pads and launch controls if you want to.

More info and directions on the BRB website:

On-site vendor: Hudson Classic Hobbies

Food & Drinks available onsite (such as hotdogs and cokes) run by a local Boy Scout Troop.

Hope to see you there.

- George Gassaway