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Dec 30, 2003
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Question: I want to use binding posts similar to this in my electronics bay. I am using an Adept altimeter, so I want to solder the wires coming from the altimeter to the binding plugs, and have the plugs go through the two bulkheads.

First off, is this a good idea? Will the ejection charge eventually corrode the contacts?

Secondly, where can I buy these? I have tried walmart, hardware store, and radio shack, to no avail. Would these be available at a NAPA store (did a quick search online, found nothing)

Are there better ways to do this? Give me all of your suggestions!


Jan 17, 2009
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I found similar posts at the Shack. Mine actually came with two in one integral unit. They work fine and are convenient. Corrosion could be an issue but they are protected by a long cord, a chute protector, and the chutes themselves.


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Jan 19, 2009
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Using binding posts through the bulkheads can work. They do, however, eventually corrode from black power residue.

As an alternate you can try one of two methods that I've seen used with very good results.

First a very experienced Level-III flyer I know uses ordinary stainless steel stove bolts in size 10-32 by about 1 to 1-1/2" in length. He drills a couple of holes through the altimeter bay bulkhead and then inserts a bolt with the head on the surface that will be inside the bay when it's assembled. The wire from the altimeter is then wrapped around the bolt shaft just in front of the bolt head. A stainless steel washer and nut is then placed on the bolt and tightened down. This will capture the wire between the bolt head and the bulkhead leaving about a 1" threaded length of the bolt protruding from the bulkead when the altimeter bay is assembled. To connect an E-match you strip the insulation from about 1" of the wire and wrap it around the bolt. Then take a second nut and run it down until the wire is captured between the original nut and the new nut. This makes a very positive electical connection which can not shake loose during boost. In addition the stainless steel construction resists corrosion and is easy to replace if it does corrode for some reason.

The second method I've seen used requires two contacts from a european style barrier strip. Here is a link to Radio Shack's catalog that shows a 12 contact strip:

"European Contact Strip"

The strip can be broken into smaller strips with any number of contacts on them. The center holes on the strip can then be used to anchor the strip, using a bolt or wood screw, to the outer surface of the bulkhead. Drill a small hole through the bulkhead on one side of the strip and lead the wires from the altimeter out through it. Connect the wires to one side of the terminal strip and then use a drop of GE "Silicone Seal" on both sides of the bulkhead to seal the wires and the hole from ejection gasses. The barrier strip is then used in the normal manner to hook up the wires from the E-match.

Hope the above helps you out.

Ken Holloway, NAR #78336