Binder Aspire - Finally!!

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
Finally, a pic of my Binder 'Aspire'

Finaly got paint and I myst say, one of teh better paint jobs I've done! And one of eh few where I've actually followed the paint scheme!!

But, I did add 2 extra fins, for a total of 5. And a bit of nose weight to ballance them out.. And, of course, the stripey underline..

aspire sm.jpg

aspire fin sm.jpg
Very Nice! Great paint all we need is a launch report and launch pics!
Definitely unique with 5 fins! I just cut new ones because they were too small for my liking, also added a payload section to look more proportional.


Yeah, i read somewhere that the 3 fins were just on the border of being effective.. Hence why 2 more fins.. I figured I could add a few fins instead of making larger ones..

It has the payload bay. I've noticed that this is pretty much the same as my Stealth Jr: same tubes, NC, MMt, etc.. Just the fins are different. (Makes sence really.. same basic kits [parts], just differnt fins & manual)

I fly my biggies on SUs.. So, it woudl have been a Gsomething-7 or an Fsomething-4.

The smaller LPR launches would have determined power requirements due to winds & drifts..
Thats pretty cool looking! The Aspire is one of our older kits and it does scream for bigger fins, but at this point is a classic so I've resisted producing the fins with more span. I sure like the look of the five fins though.

Mike Fisher
Binder Design