Bigelow Aerospace Orbital Structure Approved

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Mar 14, 2004
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Bigelow Aerospace has received approval from FAA AST to have their 1/3 scale inflatable space structure carriedas a payload on a launch craft. If it works, they'll then attempt the full scale version.

Bigelow Aerospace is owned by Robert Bigelow, who also owns Budget Suites of America.

He's also the person behind the $50M America's Space Prize, structured like the X-prize, but with a 60 day repeat requirement, a 400 km/2 orbit altitude/duration requirement, and on at least the second flight 5 people must ride (rather than just that much weight).

Not hard to figure what's on his mind, is it.

"We'll keep the airlock light on for you."
"We'll keep the airlock light on for you."

ROFL. Hey, I'll be one of the first - if someone else buys my ticket! I'm not afraid bridge keeper! :D
great news!!

But it does come across as a 'US only' contest, no matter what Gold has to say. His two rules that can be 'easily overcome' seem a little harder than just that..