Big Storms In New England

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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Yesterday when I went to work, the air was extremely humid, and extremely hot. And the sky was dreary with signs of oncoming storms. The weather forcast says Severe Thunderstorm Watch. Feeling the heat, todays storms would be a doozy. I was right. It startd shortly after I started work... throught the vening, night, and today looks like more t-storms are on its way.

Yesterdays storm did a lot of damamge in MA. Several buildings wer damaged due to lightning and heavy intense downpoar. A 911 dispact center in MA was flooded out. There was at least on lightning caused fire, and holes were blown in roads due to lightning. There were may funnle cloud sightings in MA and NH, and I hear there was a touchdown in Lebanon.

And the worst part... it knocked out the cable where I lived for several hours... NO INTERNET.... Major TRF withdrawal.... and it happened while I was trying to order some Semroc kits too :mad:

CMASS is going to try their launch today... Jim and I are going. wish us luck.
South western PA got hit Friday evening, too. Funnel clouds, lightning and power outages. The standard late summer fare. Thank God I don't live in Florida!
Good luck. It poured all day yesterday here in Michigan, that stuff is probably dumping on you now. Been a weird weather summer ... we've had about 3 days total where we hit 85 degrees. I remember summers when we had a dozen in the 100s.
it hit hard here too, the hail was coming down like crazy, the peices werre the size of ping pong balls, I wouldnt want to take one of those off the head. In the next town over the hail was the size of tennis balls. My friend was driving up the street and a tree fell on her car. It was pretty smashed up

I didnt see any funnel clouds though, that would have been really interesting
It poured all day yesterday here in Michigan,

HUH! go figure!

I live 60 miles north of JStarStar and all I had were cloudy skys all day and not a drop. I even had to water my wifes plants outdoors...they were wilting.

Just unseasonably cold (high of 65 degrees).

I had an old gent tell me a long time ago, "The reason the weather is so strange is 'cause of all those things they're shooting up into the air!"

Today we had our launch. The rain stoped by the time the launch started. They only had three pads up. I launched two rockets, and picked up my fliskits order. Since the ground was a lake, I decided not to fly anymore. So I left the launch early.
We are supposed to get more t-sorms, but I think it will miss us... who knows... the day is still young.
We shut down around 2pm after about 100 launches. Not 10 minutes later we got *HAMMERED*. Highway traffice was crawling at about 20mph cuz you could only see 10 feet in front of you!

I knew it was bad when I got to Rt 3 north and just before the NH border I noticed an emergency crew putting up sandbags. Looked like they were getting ready to close rt 3....

We also had a funnel seen in Lebanon NH today.... sheesh!
Originally posted by jflis
We shut down around 2pm after about 100 launches. Not 10 minutes later we got *HAMMERED*. Highway traffice was crawling at about 20mph cuz you could only see 10 feet in front of you!

You were careful not to poke a hole in a cloud with one of those launches !?!?! Do you have any idea how hard it is to patch a cloud???:p :mad: :p
We only got rain.

Lots, and lots of rain.

There was a lake 2 feet deep in our backyard where our new septic tank is supposed to be going in... I had to go out there with a hoe and try and cut an outlet through the rock-solic clay for the water to flow out. I managed to get most of it out and flowing into the woods, but I got really really bugbitten... And soaked. And the garden was also flooded... The new row of beans that we had planted the week before was underwater... And the row was raised about 5"...

The dog had fun, though! :D
You guys are lucky. I live in Mississippi, and it's considered a strange day if we have a thunderstorm and don't have a funnel cloud of some sort. And it's always at night, when you can't look out your window and see one coming from far enough away to take cover. And I still haven't figured out what tornadoes have against trailer parks. If there's one in the neighborhood, that tornado will go out of it's way to find it! :D Maybe that's why we have so many tornadoes around here. So many trailer parks and not enough time to get to them all!
OK, now that I think about it, that wasn't very funny. :rolleyes:
I just got a link from Bill Spadafora with pix from our launch ( Click Here )

You can see what the weather was like... When I pulled into the field I asked Bill "are we *hard core* or just nuts??" LOL

In New England, you fly when you can...

...sometimes, when you can't...

I may have to adopt that philosophy! Our monthly launch was rained out for the second time in a row on Sat. I think it's time our club consider having rain dates....

Saturday's CMASS launch was on my home field in Acton, Mass.

When I woke up it was pouring rain.
When I checked it listed Thunderstorms with a 78% chance of rain.
Intellicast put the chance of rain even higher.
The satellite photos (visible, IR, water vapor) all showed total cloud cover.
The precipitation forecast image had a dense vibrantly-colored mess of stuff heading our way.

Calling Bill, I was a bit stunned to hear the CMASS trailer was still on it's way. New Englanders sure are desperate for rocket launches! However, I wasn't about to let the crazy CMASS guys out crazy me in my home town.

Somehow we managed to have a 4 hour window of no rain. Yippie! Lots of newbies got their first rockets (lots of Rhinos) off to successful flights.

Among other things I flew my new Tumbleweed and a new Art Applewhite 29mm saucer (the one with the plastic disposable plate as part of the kit). The recalled Aerotech G35s make a great engine for the saucer!

-- Jim Salem