Big heavy nosecones - delivered to XPRS Black Rock

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J Blatz

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May 8, 2010
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Two cones that my bruddaman made many years ago for our exclusive series of junk-tube rockets. Think carpets tubes, etc. Jim Hart used to make a lot of rockets out of big beefy junk tubes and we thought that was cool, so were off to the races with these oddball size tubes and cones to match.

Black one is about 4.5" shoulder width, so if you have or can get a junky tube with a 4.5" inside diameter, this could work for you. It has a big crack in it from when we blew it up on the bad at Balls back in like 95 or 96, but a little filler and paint and she will be fine.

Brown one is for a tube with 5.75" ID and about 6.25" OD. It is in nice shape, for being a junk cone.

I will be at Black Rock this coming Saturday and will bring this with me if someone wants them
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