Big Daddy (E-powered) hemi chute size?

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Sep 22, 2012
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Okay - I did a search and came up empty, so...

I have made a couple simple, flat, ripstop chutes and would like to make another for my new Big Daddy - but I got a hankerin' to make one of those fancy Hemispherical ones. I found Micromister's thread with the patterns for gores , I just don't know which size. I plan to fly it on E9-4's. I haven't weighed it - but it's probably only a little heavier than stock because the only mod I made (other than the routine Estes elastic replacement with kevlar) was a balsa webbing between the mmt tube and the bt, between the cr's.
(then I had a pb&j and a BLT:)).

Any suggestions?


Since Hemi's catch literally twice the air a flat chute of the same diameter, I usually down size the chute at least one size. For instance I fly my 2.8 lb OT on a 36" nylon hemi, and my 5-D cluster converted NCR brighthawk almost 3lbs on the same size. my super Big bertha on an 18" nylon hemi. I'd say that should be about wright for a Big Daddy.